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 "Liaocheng High-tech Zone: Join Hands with Overseas Investors to
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หัวข้อ : "Liaocheng High-tech Zone: Join Hands with Overseas Investors to
วันที่โพสท์ : 15 May 2024 15:30  

Liaocheng High-tech Zone: Join Hands with Overseas Investors to Promote Extension and Supplement of High-end Equipment Industry Chain
Liaocheng High-tech Zone

On May 6, Eddie, deputy general manager of Taixing Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led a team to visit Liaocheng High-tech Zone. They had in-depth discussions on the R&D and manufacturing of new agricultural intelligent equipment and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. It is expected that the annual output value of the project will reach 300 million yuan after production. This reflects the remarkable achievements of Liaocheng High-tech Zone in optimizing the business environment and attracting foreign investment projects in recent years.

By focusing on the two major advantageous industries of green chemical industry and high-end equipment manufacturing, and fostering new quality productive forces, Liaocheng High-tech Zone strives to introduce and initiate projects. It has newly built and renovated the park covering nearly one million square meters, which facilitates the implementation of light-asset projects related to the industrial chain, further facilitating upstream and downstream connections and turning industrial park into industrial chain.

In the chemical new materials industry, Liaocheng High-tech Zone prioritizes new chemical materials such as polycarbonates and fine chemicals. It pursues the extension of upstream and downstream industrial chains to create a 100-billion-level chemical industry park.

In the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Liaocheng High-tech Zone aims to build a smart equipment industrial park covering an area of over 1,000 mu around textile machinery, automotive parts, and intelligent equipment. Shandong Boyuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a listed company, specializes in core components for new energy vehicles, with its stator and rotor occupying 85% market share in China's high-end electric vehicle market. The Zone also houses manufacturing champions and high-quality enterprises like RIFA, the largest shuttleless loom R&D and production base in the area north of the Yangtze River.

In terms of emerging industries and zone construction, Liaocheng High-tech Zone has built several characteristic zones, such as Zhongkun Future City spanning over 2,500 mu. It has also planned 3,000 mu of land for industrial, research and commercial purposes to accommodate various types of projects.

Additionally, Liaocheng High-tech Zone is home to the largest rose-themed park in north China, the cultural tourism district of "Rose Street" with an investment of 350 million yuan, and 1,100 sets of talent apartments, with a green coverage rate of 54% in the built-up area.

Source: Liaocheng High-tech Zone
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